About Us

Hello!  My name is JR.  I am the owner and operator of our Amish handcrafted furniture store.

This furniture store is a little treasure and Wisconsin’s best kept secret. The furniture is not only exquisite in it’s quality and looks but it’s price is very fair compared to the big city stores who tend to mark up the furniture beyond the reach of most people’s pocket books.

Our store began in 1997 when Mr. Detweiler and Mr. Kauffman joined entities to sell beautiful hand-crafted Amish Furniture.  Back then there were not many stores representing our fine Amish crafted furniture.

I purchased the store in 2007.  Our first 3 years have been very exciting!  It is always a pleasure to meet our customers and learn where they are from and how they might have come about to learn of us.  I have found that even though many are affected by the down-turn of our economy, our quality and honesty go a long way.

We offer a lot of custom work.  Most often, if you can provide us with photos, drawn pictures and measurements, we can get the job done!

All of our furniture is handcrafted by true Amish workers.  It is not mass produced with plastics and fabricated wood in any way.  That is why we have a longer lead time to produce your fine piece of handcrafted Amish furniture.

Some of our small games and clocks are not handcrafted in the USA.  But about 98% of our entire store is handcrafted by the Amish.

We also offer different species of wood and a large variety of stains.

Visiting our store is a really nice drive out in the country.  In the spring you will usually get a glimpse of a few colts frolicking in the pastures.

There are a few other Amish stores nearby that you might like to visit while in the area.  We have a bakery, bulk foods, spices, a Bent-and-Dent groceries and Country Krafts.

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

So  long,
JR, Linda, Edith and family